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When a trade is approved by all traders, risk users, etc., the CerQlar platform and users will proceed to the next phase: approving & signing the contract.

  • The CerQlar platform provides a contract template for GOs - the RECS International EECS GO trade agreement or your own custom trade agreement - auto-populated with all the trade details captured during the previous phase. This not only saves time, it also minimises the risk of manual errors.

  • Contracts are available for trades with single delivery and/or payment dates, as well as multiple delivery and/or payment dates.

  • You can assign colleagues who will need to approve & sign the contract. Based on this the CerQlar platform will send notifications and alerts to the users involved, to ensure the process will finish in a timely manner.

  • After approval the contract will be automatically sent to both parties for digital signature after which the trade is legally binding. By automating this process, a lot of manual contract handling & hassle will be avoided.

  • No need to search for which contract belongs to which trade: Trades on the CerQlar platform display links leading to the corresponding contracts.

  • Contracts can be exported from the CerQlar platform for external storage and further usage.

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EECS GO Trade Agreement

The European Energy Certificate System (EECS) - developed by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) - is the standard for trading European Guarantees of Origin (GOs). Derived from this, is the RECS International EECS GO Trade Agreement for single or multiple deliveries.

With this widely used agreement, the specific variables for each trade can be included while the legal text and formatting remains unchanged, thus allowing market players to easily negotiate a GO trade.

The CerQlar platform leverages this by adding task related notifications and digital signing for both of the following options:

  • A standard version of the RECS International agreement

  • A custom version based on bespoke user requirements


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