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Capture, accept and get approval for your trades

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Trading Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

When details of a trade are agreed upon by both parties, the CerQlar platform acts as the hub where all information can be captured, processed and managed.

  • Trades on the platform are actionable: You can accept trades, send a trade you captured to your counterparty for approval, proceed to signing the contract and assign inventory to a trade.

  • The Trades overview already shows a lot of aspects for all trades displayed but you can zoom in per trade for more details and view the key attributes for each certificate.

  • If you want the Trades overview to show all of your open positions, you can easily import your “forward book” and/or upload existing trades.

  • Extensive filtering, sorting, searching functionality helps you manage your trades in the best way possible.

  • Don't miss delivery or payment obligations with automated trade-related tasks & alerts like “approve trade request”, “accept trade request”, “assign inventory to a trade”, “delivery”, “payment”, approve / sign contract”.

  • Being able to make and save drafts of trades before sharing them not only adds flexibility, it also reduces errors.

  • Customize the automated trade approval workflow to match your situation.

  • Set up trades with multiple delivery and/or payment dates.

  • Export your trades from the CerQlar platform for further usage, such as internal reporting.

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Risk Management

The CerQlar platform allows you to match and configure your internal approval workflow by assigning specific roles, like risk manager, head of trading or finance manager, for the approvals in the process. Designated approvers will be notified via email or platform notifications and a trade will only be sent for approval to a counterparty after all internal approvals have been given. How you set up your risk management tasks is up to you:

  • Definition of designated users who should approve trade capture.

  • Notifying designated users of trades that require their attention.

  • Escalation policies if the required approval is not given on time.

Capturing Trades

Save time and avoid errors with the CerQlar platform


Trading Energy Attribute Certificates

Focus more on your trades and less on capturing them.